Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cole and Caden

  Cole loves to play with the camera, but since he has realized you can see the picture after you take it, has made it difficult to get him to stand still to even get a picture taken.  Life of a busy two year old who is always on the move, and Caden who doesn't know how to smile on command yet, makes it hard for easy photo opportunities.  We are working on this!   I was able to get a few of the two of them, and some individuals.  They are becoming pals, and Cole can hardly wait until Caden can really play!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days At The Zoo and Beach!

  Following Jamin's last post is an extremely hard task.  First being that I had to look up a good number of the words he used, and I am a teacher... sad, I know!  Second being that it was very entertaining and funny.  That is my husband for you, and people think he's quiet!  
 We took advantage of the two beautiful days we had and went to the zoo, and the waterfront.  We really enjoyed it, and hope we will see that weather again soon!  Cole could spend all day outside, and with a TON of sunscreen I might just let him!  Looking forward to when we see the sun again this weekend, but bummer we might need to wear coats.  At this point, at least it isn't snow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day At The Ballpark

Jamin's Post:

It’s baseball season again, the game that is more American than muscle cars and those gastronomical treasures like Twinkies and Oreo Cakesters.  Last Sunday, for my Step-Mom’s 60th birthday, Cole and I went to the Mariners matinee game against the Detroit Tigers, which fulfilled an American right-of-passage that took me over a decade to complete: attending my first major league baseball game.  Full discloser: Cole has been to one Mariners game last year but this was in a suite, which caters to fans that know more about the golden rule of never wearing white after labor day than always bunting with runners on first and second with no one out.  He also didn't fully grasp where he was.  He wasn't asking, “where’s the Mariner Moose?” and calling out “fastball” after the ball popped the catchers mitt in the bullpen.

A couple days before the game we asked Cole if he wanted to go to the Mariners game, which was on television, and he quickly and pointedly said, “OK.”  From then until we entered the gates we heard a cavalcade of, “I go to Mariners game...I go to Mariners game?”  In preparation we naturally needed all the essentials, which percolated into: two Mariners wristbands; a Mariners key chain with his name on it; an authentic tack-and-twill jersey we later personalized with SVENDSEN and the number 1 on the back; and unbeknownst to us a stuffed baseball with the Mariner Moose on it.  Yes, Sodo mojo intoxicated Cole to the point of stealing merchandise.  Once the effort to return it collided against a bulkhead of cries, his Grandma relieved his misdemeanor offence with a couple of dollars.

Sunday morning we geared up and headed to the park.  Cole was exited for a day of baseball and family, while I was feeling slightly guilty of inculcating him to a love of baseball. I suppose it's better than aspirations of becoming a Matador if he grew up in Spain or a curler in Canada.  Nevertheless, we descended through the gates of America’s cathedral and Cole laid his eyes upon the manicured carpet of plaid emerald hues glowing bright with from the sun, past the dark cavernous breezeway where we stood, and I could see on his face the same emotion that hit me when I first glimpsed the field of the Kingdome more than 15 years ago.  His eyes widened and his mouth literally dropped opened with amazement; my fears of indoctrination slid away.

The game was not friendly to the Mariners but the experience kept Cole amused from the national anthem to the last train whistle.  He was fascinated about the geneses of the music and public announcements.  Once I pointed out the speakers high above us, he wanted to let everyone know his new found knowledge.  He proceeded to dance in the aisle between every inning and when the music stopped he asked, “Where’s the music?” and said, “Music all gone.”  We heard myriad train whistles (choo-choos) and rushed behind the stands to eye the trains on two occasions after Cole said, “I wanna see!”  In summation we saw a couple green trains, an orange one and a brown train when leaving.

Once back in the car for the ride home Cole gradually appeased his heavy eyelids and fell asleep, only after pointing out every Jack in the Box and McDonald’s or, as he calls them, "Yellow" we passed.  These moments are truly the treasures we hold forever; safe from depreciation, taxes and thieves (even the two year-old kind); this is the end of all our means.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 2 Month Birthday Caden!

  Making sure that we stayed consistent with our first son Cole, we have celebrated another month with an ice cream cake.  Even though Caden can't enjoy the yummy cakes with us, we sure do appreciate the special occasions.  We have always gotten our cakes from DQ, but recently we bought a Cold Stone Cake, and we  will definitely remember them for the future birthday's!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We were all so excited that the bunny came!  Both boys had basket and eggs waiting for them.  Cole was thrilled to have some new toys, a Backyardigans video, sidewalk chalk, and a new water play table.  Caden is going to love his new toys for the car seat, and pacifiers.  We dyed Easter eggs, and had a chance to take some family pictures.  This is harder then it would seem.  With two small kids getting them both to look at the camera is a very difficult task.  We had family over for dinner, and had a mini egg hunt.  We wish it was nicer weather, but we are used to it!  Hope you all had a special holiday with your families.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryson!

  We went to Yakima for the night for Bryson Chase's 2nd birthday party.  Cole had a blast because it was at a place with a bunch of trampolines, ball pits, and slides.  We were all glad to see friends we haven't seen in a really long time, and are hoping we see them a little more often!    Cole was very happy to be getting  an early Easter basket, and has already played with everything in it.  He is very excited for the bunny to come.  We are dying eggs tonight, and preparing for the busy day tomorrow.  I think even Caden is excited for his basket, and that his mom is making him where an adorable bunny hat.  I am sure he will thank me when his is older!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trip To The Zoo!

  On such a beautiful day we wanted to spend it outside. We went to The Woodland Park Zoo, along with everyone else in the Seattle area!  We had a great time, and Cole loved all of the animals.  Caden slept through the entire zoo, but we are planning to go back during the week when it isn't so packed!  Cole's favorite animals to see are the monkeys, so we made sure we went to see them.  We were bummed to find out that the penguin exhibit won't be ready until summer, but we have a membership so I am sure we will see it when it's done.  Cole also got to ride the merry-go-round, and thought it was very fun.  We are looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow.  There is always so much more to do when it is nice out!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Visit To The Bunny!

Well as expected we had one content little boy, and one terrified!  Cole was excited until he found out that he was to sit on the bunny, and then that was it.  He thought it would be o.k. to wave and say "hi" to the bunny as we were walking away.  It was still cute, and I managed to get a similar picture to the santa picture.  It was such a nice day today, and we stopped by Grandpa Jeff's and Katie's to play outside.  Cole could play outside all day if we let him. We are planning to go the zoo to see the new penguin exhibit tomorrow.  I am sure many other families will have the same idea.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Helper!

  Cole has been quite the helper with Baby Caden.  He wants him to play so desperately, and can't figure out why Caden doesn't have as much fun under his rainforest toy, as he can.  He wants to "hold brother," and only does for a short time before realizing he has better things to do.  Caden is a bit of a crier, and Cole calls him "The Fussy Budget,"  nicknames we have come up with....I still have to laugh at how old Cole is getting.  He goes around the house calling for "Jamin, "and asks, "Where are you?"  His new thing is saying his full name so everyone is aware that he is, Cole Matthew Svendsen.!  What a long name for a 2 year old!  We are getting very excited for Easter, because Cole tells us, "The Bunny is Coming!"  Can't wait for the Easter pics this year, maybe no tears, but highly unlikely!  We are looking forward to the sunny weekend, and hopefully will get a chance to go to the zoo!