Thursday, July 30, 2009

Holy Heat Wave!!

We miss swimming!
Can't wait to go to the beach, and be OUTSIDE!!

Thank goodness for AC! It kept my boys safe and cool, and I knew it was a good investment JAMIN!! ;) We have been spending our days at the mall so we weren't in the house, and it was WAY too hot to play outside. The pool at my moms clubhouse as you could imagine, was PACKED. It would also be a little hard to swim with two little guys. We are heading out for the ocean, and can't wait! We also have weddings that we are looking forward to going to! Life has definitely been busy, but thats how we like it! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

Engaged on our Vegas Trip!

Graduated from the Coolest College EVER!

Married July 23, 2005! Had the best wedding imaginable!

Bought our first house in Renton.

Our First Son Cole.
Awesome family trip to Boston!
Little Cole is almost 2!
New addition to our family, Baby Caden!

4 Years later, and and two beautiful boys.
Makes an awesome family of 4!

It has been an amazing 4 years, and they just keep getting better! I Love you so very much! Happy Anniversary :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Much Fun At Lake "Joanne"

Caden had enough after the walk downtown.
Cole and mommy enjoying some ice cream.
Cole's 1st sea-do ride.
Eating at the kids table with the cousins.
Bustin' a move at the party.
Family picture at the party.
Making some new friends with his water table.
Caden's 5 month birthday cake.
A quick picture at the lake.
Caden snoozing in the tent.
Two little fish!
Cheekers loves the water!

This past weekend we went to Lake Chelan for my Aunt Kelly's 5oth. Cole could hardly wait, and for most of the ride there we heard, "I Am So Excited To Swim In Lake "Joanne." We had to laugh, and practiced saying Chelan the rest of the way. We went for five days, and had an absolute blast with family and friends. We took Cole out on the sea-do and he thought he was pretty cool. It was super hot, as it is there every summer, but the lake was a perfect way to cool off. Caden was a beautiful little traveler, and enjoyed all of the people passing him around. I love vacationing with family, it is like a hundred built in babysitters! We were all sad to leave, but will be looking forward to our trip there next summer. Lake Chelan never disappoints, and we're so glad we got another chance to go!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Pumpkins....

While in the backyard checking on the garden, my mom turned her back on Cole. This is never a good idea, because he is busiest little bear! I was holding Caden in the house when I heard, "Oh, No Cole!" I ran outside to find my little Cole with two little "pumpkins" in his hands, and a big smile on his face. I will tell you that the "little pumpkins" were actually tomatoes, which Jamin has been waiting patiently for them to grow. My mom and I had to laugh, as Cole was so excited about his trip to the mini pumpkin patch. I hope Jamin will be amused...oops! Never turn your back to Cole. He is almost always up to something!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Putt Putt!

My Two Boys!
You think Caden is teething...?
A quick picture at the hole.
Cole wanted to do it himself.
Getting some help from Dad before they started.

We took the boys down to Riverbend. Cole has been waiting to go to the "Golf Course." Jamin and Cole played putt putt for the first time, and Caden and I were very entertained! Cole loved picking out his own ball. The club was a little big, but he told us he needed his own "Big Boy Club." He would start out at each hole dropping the ball down, and giving it a good hit, but would then pick up the ball and move it closer to the hole. He would then just have to tap it in, and would say, "Yes, I did it!" It was a great experience, and the weather was awesome! Cole was sweating by the time we were done, but told both of us, "That was Fun!" We went into the pro-shop and he took off his sun hat to tell us he needed the one with the TW on it. Funny, that it was a Tiger Woods mens golf hat. Jamin and I laughed. It was way too big! It was a great day, and he can hardly wait to go back!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Used To Be Easy...

I finally had both boys on a great schedule. They were napping around the same time and that was AWESOME! Our little Cole has taken it upon himself to boycott the nap situation! If he naps, it is at 4:00, making a bedtime of around 10-11. This is not working out so well. We finally have Caden sleeping on a great schedule. Now I am just waiting for my big boy to help out. This video was of our episode yesterday... Had to try SO hard not to laugh, and you'll see why. That cute face gets him away with A LOT!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bainbridge Ferry and The 4th of July!

Cole really wanted to drive, but had to settle for sitting.
Swimming in his kiddie pool.
Family 4th picture.
Caden 4 Months
Cole 4 Months
Cole sporting some cool shades.
Mommy and Cole out at the lake.
On the way to Bainbridge.

On Friday we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for the day. This is our favorite day trip. We usually eat lunch at the great place by the marina, then we look in the little shops, and end it with going to get some yummy ice cream. We had to laugh because both Caden and Cole had their first ferry ride at 4 months in the same outfit! It was so hot out, but with the breeze on the ferry made it for a nice way to cool off!
On the 4th we went out to the lake. Cole wasnt so sure about the fireworks this year, as he kept saying, "That Is A Lot Of Noise!" Caden didn't seem to mind one bit! Cole had more fun doing the pop-its than anything. It was so nice having sunny weather, and not having to light fireworks in the rain! We really had a nice and relaxing 4th. We had yummy food and a great time with family.
Tomorrow Jamin and I are going to the driving range gain. I have a new found love for golf, and really want to learn. I have to realize that it is a game that doesn't happen over night, and it takes a lot of skill and practice. Skill is something I don't have, but I do enjoy practicing. We are wanting to take Cole to mini-golf too. I am sure he will love it! What a great weekend!