Saturday, December 26, 2009

House Pictures!

We have been crazy busy, so yes, we finally put pictures up of our new house. I LOVE our new home, and we are finally settled!! Pictures and Christmas post to come soon. The author is still at work! ;)

Outside, spring project yard!

Guest Bedroom

Living Room w/ tree

Dining Room

Entry way

Living Room

Family Room

Laundry Room

Family Room


Boys Bathroom


View of Sitting Room off Master

Our Room

Master Bath

Caden's Room

Cole's Room

Bonus/ Toy Room

Master Closet

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Caden Bug!

With the move and preparing for Christmas, we still had time to celebrate our little Caden's 10 month birthday. Time has flown, and you are getting so big! We love how you are coming up with more sounds, and your little tooth is so cute. You are perfectly content with cruising holding onto things, and Mommy and Daddy have a little more time to prepare for you to be running around with your brother! Your little smile, and giggle melts our hearts, and you think your brother Cole is the funniest guy around. You still love to be held, and mommy sure does love to snuggle you! I love your hugs and wet kisses! You are such a love bug, and that's how you got your nickname "bug."
You and your brother make each day so much fun, and we love you both so much!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We have been horrible with keeping up with the blog, but give us a little break we have been crazy busy with moving. We absolutely love our new home, and promise to put up new pics asap. Still trying to get set up for Christmas, so as soon as the tree in up tomorrow, we'll take some. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Time Of Year!

First bath funny!
Breakfast of champions....don't tell Daddy!
Driving with Uncle Mark.
In Yakima before Thanksgiving.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving in Yakima, and we're VERY happy it didn't snow! It is always great spending time with family, and better catching up when you haven't seen each other in awhile.
We have been busy shopping for the house, and we just signed the papers today. We are excited, but will be more excited when we are finally in our new home, and settled in. It is amazing when you think buying a house is a large purchase, but then furnishing a larger home, and of course buying fun things, are also big purchases. It is all very exciting, and I am still happy to be close to family!
Jamin and I think it is funny how our little Cole has managed to grow up drastically in the last week. He is such a big boy, and quite a good conversationalist. He's a talker...wonder where he gets that from? :)
Caden has been doing some growing up too, and has recently found the love of the big legos, and anything he can make noise with. Both boys are learning to play together, and it is so fun to watch!