Sunday, June 28, 2009

Suncadia a.k.a. Funcadia!

Family Pool Time!
Two little swimmers.
They just wanted to swim, not pose for pics.
Helping Matt make the breakfast.
My little cheeks first time swimmin'!

We had such a great time up at Suncadia this past weekend, thank you SO much Essig family. Jamin golfed in the member/guest tournament, and we played by the pool. Caden loves the water just like his big brother Cole. The weather was awesome, and my boys could have stayed in the water all day. I thought 5 1/2 hours was plenty, but Cole thought his hands could have gotten a little more prune like. :) He was quite the entertainment once again. He was practicing his golf game in the grass, and must have looked professional. A guy actual asked if he was in lessons. Ya, we are trying to have our own Tiger Woods. :) A two year old on the tour would definitely make it to reality t.v.! I love these kind of weekends, and thanks again to all of my family for helping out with my BUSY boys. You guys are the BEST!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since it takes FOREVER to upload videos on the blog, I put a bunch of cute ones of the boys on their flickr page.  They really are cute, so be sure to check them out. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Smile Boys!
Caden 4 months
Judging by those cheeks, Caden really doesn't need anymore cookies!
Daddy and his boys.

Happy Father's Day Jamin! Thanks for being such an awesome Dad. We sure do love you a lot!

Friday, June 19, 2009

4 Months!

Our little Caden is already 4 months old, and it is going by so quickly. He can almost roll over, he is SO close! Cole is the best big brother. We have started potty training, and Cole is motivated by the stickers! He is so good at sharing with his little brother, and we are so pleased. We can't believe how much Cole has grown up, and can now hold conversations with us. It is such a fun time, and I am so glad to be home with them now that summer is here!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Fun

  We had a great weekend with family.  Cole and Caden both love being outside, and it was nice enough to play outside and swim in their pool!  I have to keep Cole super covered, and judging by some of the pictures, he is not amused by all of the outerwear he has to put on!  Caden is attempting to roll over, and is really liking tummy time.  He is our little chunkster, and even Cole is calling him "Fat Patters."  We have his 4 month check up next week.  The kid is already 15 pounds, and I think a good 12 is in his cheeks!  He is a happy baby, and loves being entertained  by his very "ACTIVE" brother.  School is out on Wednesday, and I can't wait to be home everyday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun and Eventful Weekend!

At the Rainiers Game.
Cole helps with even the not so fun chores!
A cool toy store and an awesome train!
Helping Grandma Julie with her bag.
Cole and Caden loved seeing their Grandma Julie, and we
hope to see her soon!

  Friday night Jamin and I went to the Tacoma Rainiers game to watch a guy I went to high school pitch.  He plays for Reno, and needless to say, he did an amazing job!  It was great seeing old friends, as the event brought a ton of Thomas Jefferson Alumni out of the woodworks. :)  Hey mom, thanks again for watching the boys!  We are going to owe you mochas for a month!
  Saturday morning we all went down to Portland to visit Grandma Julie's new place.  It was fantastic, and my mom wants to figure out how to commute all the way up to Tacoma.  :)  It is a perfect residential neighborhood, and we were all very jealous we don't have something exactly like it up here!  We will definitely be coming down more often.  We loved the shopping too!  I had never been to the Woodburn Outlet Mall, and I will make sure that it isn't my last time there either!!  We did get home a little later than planned, and Cole stayed up almost the entire way home cracking jokes.  We tried our best at times not to laugh so we could get him to sleep, but couldn't help it.  We just ate tacos ,and yes, it is 11:00 pm!  What a great weekend!  Thanks again Julie for having us all!