Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamin!

We had a fun weekend in Yakima, and came home to finish some gardening projects in the backyard. We celebrating Jamin's birthday in Yakima, and Cole was thrilled to have an ice cream cake. The weather wasn't as wet as home, but wasn't the usual Yakima spring weather we were used to, and hoping for. It was still a great time with family and friends, and we will make the trek back many times this summer for sure!
I didn't have a chance to post on Jamin's actual birthday, but we are always out of town for it, being Memorial weekend. 28 looks amazing on him, and we are both inching our way a little closer to the big 3-0! He is an incredible husband and dad to our two busy boys, and we are SO lucky to have him. We Love you more and more everyday!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful Sunny Mother's Day!

We had a fabulous Mother's day weekend! The weather was awesome, and we were outside enjoying it all! We spent a lot of time at the neighborhood park, and for Mother's Day we all went putt putt, and had a blast! I can hardly wait for summer! We had a fun day with family, delicious food, and fun activities. All my boys made my day so special! I just LOVE them, and I'm so lucky!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy BOYS!!!

We have been crazy busy lately, and our boys have been BUSIER!!! I never would have thought two busy boys could get into anymore mischief than they had already accomplished. In the last week Cole has managed to scale the linen closet shelf in hopes to get left over jelly beans from Caden's party, washed my windows with soap from his bathroom, flood the bathroom sink, put a package of wipes in our front loader and STARTED it, and pour cleaning solution into the laptop. Bug has been following in big Brothers foot steps, and is right behind him emptying every cupboard, every dresser drawer, taking all the books off any shelf, dumping toy buckets and walking away, and begging like a little puppy for food! They are the cutest little mess makers, but it is unreal what these two can do together! Good thing we decided to space Caden and Baby #3 a little further apart. Not for another year or so... We are busy running after our two little "helpers" for the time being!!