Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golf Weekend!

We went for the boys annual golf tournament up at Suncadia. This year Cole got to go around for a few holes, and had a great time! He tried to explain his fun time, by saying, "Mommy, It Was So Fun! I Went On 11 Courses!" Bug still does not have the patience to go along...he is like his mommy!
We are going back for my mom's birthday party, since her 50th was the week before Christmas, and a crazy time for everyone, we are celebrating when it is warm and more people have vacation!
I am continuing to get bigger and bigger, and I know I have to be better about taking pics! He is an active little guy!
The boys are doing very well! Cole is quite the little man, and makes us laugh with his vocabulary and maturity. Sometimes we remind him and ourselves that the kid is only 4!!! Bug is our comical little punkin, and has opened up his vocabulary! Believe it or not, the Bug has a lot to say! He is still into EVERYTHING and has quite the "tude" at times! He has to do everything HIMSELF!! I have two independent little tikes!
We are having a great time together, and are looking forward to our newest busy boy soon!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Fun: Baby Cooper and Ikaika's 1st!

We are loving these summer days, and are taking advantage of the sunshine! We recently realized we haven't been so great about taking pictures of Baby Cooper...oh the third baby! We promise to be better! He is growing, and is a mover too!

We had a BLAST at Ikaika's first birthday party! The boys loved the balloon and bubble man. It was a great time with friends, and I have two little monkeys that are going to sleep beautifully tonight!

I am LOVING staying home, and can really get used to this!