Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 25th!

Not only was it my 29th birthday, which I still cannot believe I am that old! One more year to the big 3-0! It was also Cole's field trip to The Pioneer Farm in Eatonville. Jamin and Cole had a great time learning all about pioneer and farm life. Cole's favorite part was jumping in the hay, but he got to churn butter, wash clothes, and cord wool. He went in an old cabin, and an old schoolhouse. Jamin probably found that more interesting than Cole. Clearly the hay would be my favorite too! LOL
They really had a great time, and I am glad they enjoyed it together!

I was once again spoiled for my birthday, and I almost forget my own birthday every year. I guess when the boys b-day's are so close, and Cole's is only 11 days before mine, makes life kinda busy. Cole still didn't get why I wouldn't want to have a themed birthday party with a bunch of people and presents. Hard to explain to someone who is 4 and LOVES that sort of thing!!! I tried telling Cole that my family is my present and it was a perfect birthday with just them...still didn't register. One day he will understand!

I am looking forward to another fantastic year, and going to enjoy 29!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Cole!

I can hardly believe that my little Cole is already 4! He is quite a little man, and is growing up so fast! We had a Transformer themed birthday party, and once again, I have another SPOILED child! Cole had a great time, and was appreciative, as he told us the whole day..."This Is The Best Birthday Party Ever!" "Thank You!" He is such a sweet boy, and even in his moments of tantrum, his cute little face shines through. Sometimes, it is tough to find though! ;)
He is very determined to do everything by himself, and is still asking MANY questions, and LOVES to learn. Cole is such a great big brother to Caden Bug. They have very different personalities, but love each other, and are playing together so much more! They are fun to watch!

We are so proud of you Cole, and the sweet little boy you are!
Happy Birthday
We Love You SO Very Much!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

California Trip!

We had an absolute blast last week on our California vacation. We went to Disneyland on Thursday and the weather was sunny and lots of people were there to enjoy it with us!! The crowd was bigger than we have ever experienced, but we had some troopers who waited their turn for the rides. We learned patience...well kinda! ;)
Caden LOVED the rides. He would cry when each one was over, and was looking for the next. Cole was a little more "Selective," for the rides he wanted to go on, but thought the new Toy Story Mania ride was the best!
Typical Bug went with a beautiful new shiner. He looked like a little rascal with a raccoon eye. He's the Bug, that's all we can say! Cole loved the beach, and had fun running in and out of the water. Bug decided to nap, so he wasn't playing in the sand like he normally would.
We loved spending time with family, and thank you so much for making it such a memorable trip. We love San Juan "Cap-A-Toothpaste!" Thanks Again Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dan! We Love you and miss you already!