Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did the Puyallup!

The Puyallup Fair is always a must! We live super close now, and we always have a great time! This year we went on a wetter day with Grandpa Beans-A- Bags! ( What the boys call my dad) We opened the fair up, and because the weather wasn't awesome, there wasn't any lines or a crowd. It was a perfect day! Cole got to ride longer because no one was waiting, and he got to go on a lot of rides. This was different than last year, when he was afraid to go on many of them. He was a pro this year! Buggy on the other hand was a miffed little bear that he did not reach the height requirement to ride, as he is my dare devil! (Pictures will show "The Face.") At least he was able to ride the train!
We ate the awesome fair food, saw some livestock, smelt the animals, and saw them too! We went through the exhibits and Grandpa bought the boys snow hats for winter, they are SO cute!!!

We all had a great time! Thanks again Dad for all the treats!

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day Of Preschool!!

I took Cole to his very first day of preschool this afternoon, and he LOVED it! I was a little nervous because he has never been to daycare or anything like it before. He has cute kids in his class, and I met some fun mom's, which is exciting for me!! It took Cole all of 20 minutes to warm up before he was checking out the place. He went over to the magnetic board and spelt his name. He then proceeded to go through all the letters and say each of their sounds. Wait, it gets better... He started sounding out words and made words on the magnetic board, then showed his teacher. I am watching this all from the other room, when two moms and the teacher start laughing and look at me in shock. Yes, Cole didn't wait until the 2nd day to "Wow" his teachers. His teacher was asking him about another word on the board, and he said," No that "e" is a silent "e" and makes the vowel say it's name." Ya, that's my son. I have first graders that haven't mastered that skill. He has been watching Leap Frog, and at first you think the kid is memorizing tapes, but when he actually applies it with a different example in a totally different setting, I guess he totally gets it! I have a smarty on my hands!! I am just thrilled he was playing and getting right in there with the other kids. I think the social interaction is SUPER important too! He is getting so big, and I am so proud of him!!!!
Before I know it, my Buggy Magee will be in preschool! Time...SLOW DOWN!!! Today was definitely a milestone, and huge success!!!