Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a VERY special Christmas this year, because we have our new baby Cooper to celebrate with too! He did so well with all our chaos and fun during the holiday season. Cole and Caden were also spoiled by all our family. Having 5 Christmas', yes, I said 5, makes for a lot of present unwrapping and fun for them. We now have a small Toys R Us at our house. We are very grateful, and loved spending the holidays with the people we love most!
Cole was thrilled to get his Ultimate Optimus Prime from Santa. Bug got his Chef station, with full chef outfit, and LOVED his Blues Clues "Handy Dandy Notebook!" Cooper has more toys that he knows what to do with. He got his luggage like his brothers, and a new Bumbo seat. Special presents this year were: a new bike for Cole, a digital camera, a Leap Pad Tablet, tools, remote control cars, movies, race tracks, board games, and Wii games, CLOTHES, and new scooters! SPOILED!!!! We will continue to spend the next couple of days finding homes for all our new treats! Thanks again everyone!!!