Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer Vacation!

Caden's pumpkin!
Cole's BIG pumpkin!
At Umi Sake House
Linds in her awesome vail!
Alaina's shower
Wish I had one with all 20, but on the deck at the shower.
Beautiful view of Alki
Awesome friends
Took this at the WRONG angle with the lighting, but the table was gorgeous!
Jamin we need a NEW camera ASAP!!

What a busy weekend we had! Jamin took Friday off so we played with the boys at the park, and went back to school clothes shopping...for me of course! Saturday I had my good friend Alaina's shower, and it was beautiful. Kelly did an amazing job planning and putting it on. It really was awesome! Saturday night I had my friend Lindsey's bachelorette party, and that was a blast! We went to dinner at Umi Sake House, and that is branching out for me, but it was really good! It is always so fun when you get to hang out with your girls!
On Sunday we went to lunch, and did our Costco run. Cole got to pick out some new jammies, and Caden got whatever mommy picked out. :)
The boys were also excited to see that their pumpkins are growing quite big in the backyard. Cole has to make sure that everyone knows his is the bigger one!
What a great way to wrap up my summer vacation! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun at the Park And Caden Gets Cereal!

Had to hold his hands down.
Putting the fists up to block.
At the park.
Caden wanted to swing too!
Cole with Uncle Mark and Auntie Helen
Big slide by myself!
He thought this ride needed to be a bit more exciting!
Caden sporting his band-aids after his checkup.
Trying the cereal for the 1st time.
He doesnt now if he likes cereal yet..

Now that our big boy Caden is 6 months, the Doctor said we could start introducing foods. Our 18 pound " little guy" isnt so sure that he likes cereal and foods yet. Guess we will just keep trying!
Last weekend we hung out with Grandpa John, Uncle Mark, and Auntie Helen. We are also so excited for our future niece or nephew/ the boys cousin! Congrats Mark and Helen, we can't wait!! Cole and Caden both loved to be outside, so the park up in Bellevue was a great place for them to hang out after our mall trip.
I started back at work this week, which is really hard being away from my little guys! I told Jamin we are for sure going on vacations this year. One to Disneyland, and the other Hawaii. We said we wanted to go somewhere for our 5th year anniversary next summer. First it was Ireland, then a cruise , now Hawaii. It isnt THAT far away... I miss the summer, but am looking forward to the next break. That is another great thing about teaching...the next vacation is just around the corner!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 6 Month Caden!

We cant believe it has already been half a year! You are such a big boy, and have been so busy this last month. You are rolling over every which way, you are getting your first 2 bottom teeth, and we are working on crawling. You have it down going backwards, and can go a little forwards, but I am sure it is just a matter of days before you are cruising around! Wow, two little guys on the move! You are such a happy little guy, and we adore your laugh and smile. Cole loves making you laugh, and you two are such pals! We are excited for what is to come, but shocked it has gone by so fast. We Love You!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ice Cream!

Cole has taken it upon himself to fix dessert. I found him late last night on the kitchen floor with a pint of ice cream, a spoon and a bowl. He figures, why ask when I can do it myself!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life's Been Busy, but So Fun!

Rachel aka Winnie's Wedding
Mommy's Little Rascal is resting!
Getting ready to move!
Busy boy climbing onto the changing table.
Tummy time! Share Caden :)
Two Pals!

We have been quite busy these days. Day trips, fun places on the weekends, and weddings! I have been going in to school to start preparing for the fall, and you don't really get as much done with the two little tikes. Cole has been extremely busy lately. We have always known we had a little boy with a lot of energy, but where the rest of this energy is coming from, we have no idea! He has kept us on our toes! Caden is so fun, and laughing and smiling, and is quite entertained by his silly brother. We are thinking about crawling, and I think it is coming soon. Wow, two of them moving, how will I ever keep up? They continue to make me smile, and they are the best workout around. I just Love them to pieces!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend at the Beach!

Bundled up!
Cole wants to shovel shovel.
Not so sure at first.
Didn't think it was that cold!
Family pic in the sand.
Another attempt...
Found a hole with water in it, and wanted to shovel sand in it.
To a warmer beach!
Found sea shells.
Caden is working on looking at the camera!

We went to Ocean Shores for a fun trip, and were shocked by the colder temperatures! Cole didn't seem to mind one bit, as he wanted to build sand castles and jump the waves. Caden and I on the other hand were a little chilly! We did have a good time, and it was nice to get out of the heat. We went to Redondo Beach today, for Cole to have another beach fix. It was much warmer, but Cole wasn't sure about the "salad" in the water. Salad being the seaweed! It was an awesome weekend, full of sandy feet and smiles. Jamin was a trooper because we took the new car to the beach. He did wash it already, and it is sand free! We do love summer!