Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fox Hollow Farm

Still can't get enough of this autumn harvest season, and all it has to offer! We met Wes, Marie and Baby Liv, Uncle Mark, Auntie Helen, and Baby Emma at the Fox Hollow Farm. Cole was thrilled there was yet another bounce house, and Bug cannot get enough of barnyard animals. He seriously has NO fear!

It was a great time spent with friends and family! This has been a busy October!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Maris Farm Field Trip!

Cole had is very first preschool field trip to Maris Farm. We had a blast! Cole went on the famous Cow Train. He was thrilled about the bounce house. He played in a barn full of corn kernels, rode some toy tractors, ran around a playhouse milk carton, went on the farm slides and fed some animals. We went on a hay ride, and through a story corn maze. I was very impressed! This was quite the farm. He got to go into the baby patch, and pick out his very own pumpkin. Of course he wanted one that was orange and green, and didn't have a lot of dirt on it. So we made it home with a cleaner pumpkin with beautiful shades of orange and green.
The kids had a blast, and their parents did too!!