Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30! TBall! Cooper is 5 Months!

What a busy weekend!
I turned thirty, and have come to terms that it really isn't that old! ;) My family had a very special birthday party for me, that was such a surprise!
Cole had his first tball game, and it was something special all in itself. One forgets how the beginning stages go down! He is very excited and loves it! We are looking forward to a busy spring!

My BABY Cooper is 5 months, and we can hardly believe how big he is! He is quite the mover and a BIG talker!!! He doesn't like to stay on his back, but when he gets to his tummy he gets miffed! We LOVE him so much, and his brothers just ADORE him!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Cole!

We can hardly believe that our little boy Cole is almost 5! He is such a little man, and wise beyond his years! His Angry Birds themed party was a hit, and he received all of his new t-ball equipment and other fun toys! We Love watching your grow up, and are shocked how quickly time has passed. We LOVE you so much! You are such a helpful and caring big brother! We are so lucky!