Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter, Suncadia, and Cooper's First Food!

It has been busy around here, and so I am behind on the blog and pictures! Easter was a fun family day, that was beautiful weather, so we enjoyed our time outside! Of course the bunny came, and the boys were spoiled with lots of treats! We are excited for spring and some WARMER weather!!! This past weekend we were up at Suncadia, and as always, had a blast! That resort town was built for my boys! They LOVE the outside, and have SO much to do! So happy to have such a generous family to share their cool house! Like I was surprised that my Chunkaroo would like food! Rice cereal was a hit and we are going to start introducing the orange veggies next! He is such a happy and EASY baby! He is so chill, and goes with the flow. You have to when you are #3 right?! Cole and Caden are very sweet with him, and Cooper thinks the world of them. They are hilarious to him! ;)