Sunday, September 23, 2012


Cole is playing soccer and loving it! We are really excited! I am assuming we will have one baseball player for Jamin, since we have three! My guess is Cooper...Caden Bug is going to clown school! LOL Life is SUPER busy, but we don't know any different! One of the pics attached is of the three monkeys sleeping! Jamin was in Pullman for his alumni weekend, and this is how the boys feel asleep! After a weekend all by myself, I feel for those who have to do it alone all the time! It was NUTS!!!! I love spending time with the punkies, they wore their mommy out! LOL We did survive! I am loving this staying at home gig! I am going to start helping the Kindergarten up at Cole's school, they need some. :) I know my lil Cole is smart, and EVERY parent thinks so, but then you get him around other kids his own age, and then it is just reality. He is my little brain! All my boys are so different, and I love that!!! Bug is always going to make people laugh, and we will see what our Cooper will do as he grows. Right now he is such a love! Caden is attending the school of mommy hard knocks this year...he is not thrilled! lol We will be getting him ready for preschool next year! The kid is hilarious, I mean he is seriously something else. Love my little Bug! I can hardly believe Cooper is almost one! He is such a happy and loving baby! I think I needed that!! They are the BEST!!!

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